If you are interested in attending a landscape photography workshop they happen on request. I don’t have a required minimum amount of people attending and I will easily adjust the course to suite the needs of whoever attends, whether it is in camera tutoring or post processing.

You may contact me info@stuartapseyphotography.com and I will get back to you as soon as I am able to.

My contact number 072 784 1402

I will also post dates of upcoming landscape photography workshops should you wish to attend.

Info on Workshops


The landscape photography workshop is aimed at advanced photography of outdoor nature scenes specifically learning to balance exposures in high contrast photography. Long exposure techniques to gain extra dynamics in textures making the image more desirable will be explained and taught. The workshop consists of a two part course. The first part being a location shoot around the time of ‘golden light’ and twilight. This can either be a morning or an evening shoot preselected to ensure the best possible subject mater in which to learn these advanced techniques. The second part is a processing session with image software (Photoshop) which is a continuation on the advanced techniques used in the location shoot.

I prefer a one on one approach and will tailor the lessons to suit the learners the level of expertise.

This Includes

1 x shoot session (3 hours)
1 x processing session (6 hours)

Shoot Session

• Finding Compositions.
• Using a graduated filter to compensate high dynamic range.
• Using multiple exposures to compensated high dynamic range.
• Approaching exposures with high image quality(IQ) in mind.
• Capturing prolonged exposures on water and the various effects.
• Capturing prolonged exposure on skies.
• Using a neutral density filter for prolonged exposure.

Processing session

• Processing an image where a graduation filter has been used.
• Processing a multiple exposure image using a gradient mask .
• Processing a multiple exposure using luminosity masking.
• Using luminosity masks for selective contrasts.
• Using luminosity masks for selective saturation.


• For one person the price is R1200
• For two people the price is R2000
• For 3 people the price is R2800

I will consider larger groups but please be advised that this is not ideal as it becomes too many people to teach at once and the quality of learning may be diluted. For a larger group I will need to organise a colleague for the Shooting part of the workshop

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