My aim is to capture the best scenes throughout South Africa during their best moments. There are still many areas of the country I wish to photograph and hopefully I will continuously add new photographs to my portfolio as I visit them.

I make the use of filters, change in shutter speeds, wide angle lenses and other techniques. My reason for this is most of the time our eyes capture the light spectrum far better than the physical world allows film or a sensor to so these techniques are required to capture the moment as we see it in nature.

I choose NOT use automated HDR (high dynamic range) software to create my images. I often have to manually blend images through editing software such as Photoshop and by doing it this way I keep the image looking more natural than what one would get using automated programs.


I am not sure why I get this question allot but I am often asked what equipment I use. For me this is certainly not an issue with regards to producing good photographs as a camera is only a tool. Yes, some cameras make the job easier but a good photograph does not have to be taken with state of the art equipment.

Nevertheless, here is is:

Body - Canon EOS 5D (the first one)
Primary landscape lens - EF L 17-40
Polarizer - Hoya Circular
filters - Signh Ray
Tripod - Manfrotto 190 DB


I pondered whether I should add this as I generally find it arrogant when websites include all the photographers publications. However I thought this one is worth mentioning as all proceeds go towards charity.

The Best of Outdoorphoto - Portfolio 1

There are awesome pics by fantastic photographers and leaves a great feeling knowing that I have been associated with them.

Click on the book or here to preiview

The book can be ordered from here


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